Why Police, Sheriffs, Cops and All Law Enforcement Officers Must Learn To Type With One Hand Without Looking at the Keys

Typing With One Hand, Driving With the Other, Watching A Computer Screen and Talking On A Radio!

Would You Pull This Driver Over?

One Hand Typing Deputy

by Lilly Walters,
best selling author, and one hand typist.

If you saw an insane driver trying to type on a keyboard, read a computer screen, and talk to someone on a radio - all at the same time - you would most likely pull them over and give them a talkin' too. Not a good idea, and against most POST guidelines. But if you are reading this, you must have done it once or twice yourself. It can be a fatal mistake if you look at those keys when you type.

So you park like you are supposed to, and twist your body around to type. Your left hand can barely get to keys, your back and shoulders are getting distorted so badly you look like one of those circus gymnasts!

If only you could sit straight forward, use your right hand and still have the speed of most good two handed typists!

Step away from the vehicle. Help is here!

It has been said that with one hand tied behind my back I type faster than most Officers on their mobile data computers!

Too true. I'm married to a retired LA County Sheriff, and see first hand how most of his law enforcement buddies type. I lost a great deal of my left hand in an accident when I was 10 years old. Today I have 13 business books in bookstores, all typed with one hand!

My husband is the average Officer typist. He hunts and pecks around the keyboard, doing 10 - 20 words per minute. If you hunt and peck with one hand in your police vehicle, you are crawling along at about that same speed. I type 35 - 80 words per minute - depending on the amount of sleep and coffee I've had - using my right hand, with just a bit of assistance from my damaged left hand to do the SHIFT key.

Most Officers, just as many of those who have purchased my manual, need to use just one hand to type, and cannot use the other to assist. The speed of a true one handed typist like this is about 35 - 45 wpm.

The advantages of Officers learning to type well with one hand are:

  • They do not need to look at the keyboard, and can keep their eyes focused on business
  • Their backs and shoulders are in a straighter, more forward position. The better ergonomics help to fend off carpal tunnel, back and shoulder problems.
  • They will be much faster at typing in their cars.
  • Once back at the station, with a cup of coffee in one hand, the Officer will type reports with the other hand. All work will be turned over much faster, compared to when just hunted and pecked with two hands.

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